TTS is the professional training organization that specializes in developing competent petroleum professionals in all technical processes spanning the industry’s entire value chain, worldwide.

We provide the world class training solutions to the petroleum industry in Vietnam and Asian countries by our highly experienced and renowned group of international and local experts.

TTS’ services and solutions connect learning to the workplace, allowing employers to manage and assure the competence of workers at every level.Beside that we also provide technical solutions to our alliances as Ex survey and inspection Services.


“To become the leading training organization in Vietnam that provides the signature solutions to develop Leadership and Corporate Performance”


We fulfill the development needs of thousands of people from the leading local and multinational organizations. Our solutions are designed and delivered in partnership with the world top organizations and experts to developtechnical, safety, and soft skill competency program and services solution. We add great value to the leaders and enable organizations to achieve greater success



Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the petroleum industry. Most are consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, addressing the most pressing challenges the industry faces today.

In the TTS Instructor Training Program, our instructors learn to be superb teachers – experts in active learning. In classes and field trips around the world, they provide an experience that is engaging, practical and 100% relevant for oil and gas professionals throughout the industry


We work with over 180 clients in Viet nam and Southeast Asia and have experience working with a wide range of industry sectors, allowing us to give seamless provision of services in your organisation. Our loyal clients include:

  • Oil and Gas:
  • Refinery:
  • Electrical Power Plant: 
  • Fertilizer plant:
  • Government:

We provide superior customer service and highly demanded training solutions that are tailored to suit individual company. The broad-ranging expertise of our Consultants combined with the quality and efficiency of


The list of the courses below is provided by TTS, they can be conducted as Public Courses in accordance with our schedule, or they can be delivered as In - Company.

 Notice: Please contact us through email for further course detail. Thank you.

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