Total Program: 81

Engineering and Maintenance

TTS provides most Engineering and maintenance training program for petroleum companies:

# Program name
1 Introduction to Auto Mechanics: Petrol and Diesel Engines Transmissions, Clutches, Gearboxes, final drivers, Fuel system, Braking System Inquiry
2 Basic Hydraulics - Principles, Components – System descriptions – Maintenance Practices. Complete Course. Inquiry
3 Process Control Instrumentation Inquiry
4 Daniel Senior Orifice Meter Inquiry
5 Electrostatic Desalter Inquiry
6 Glycol Gas Dehydration System Inquiry
7 Production and Test Separators Inquiry
8 Liquid Flow Meters Inquiry
9 Production Plant Inlet Manifold/Header Inquiry
10 Artificial lift Gas lift Inquiry
11 Well Servicing by Wireline operations Inquiry
12 Surface Safety Valves and ESD systems Inquiry
13 Choke Valves Inquiry
14 Design, Operation & Maintenance of L.A.C.T units Inquiry
15 Equipment used in well completions Inquiry
16 Structural Steel design workshop Inquiry
17 Integrated Course on Gas Turbine Inquiry
18 CNC Lathe Machine Operation & Maintenance Inquiry
19 Structure Civil & Construction Engineer Inquiry
20 Advance Procurement strategies, Contract Management Inquiry
21 Data Analysis Techniques Inquiry
22 PLC & SCADA Systems Inquiry
23 Fire alarm System Inquiry
24 Process Hazards an Risk Analysis Inquiry
25 TUV Functional Safety Engineer Inquiry
26 Instrumentation devices for projects and mechanisms to deal with them. Inquiry
27 Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control System Inquiry
28 Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer Inquiry
29 Distributed Control System IDC – Selection, Operation and Maintenance Inquiry
30 Operation, Diagnostics and Maintenance of Equipment for Oil and Gas Inquiry
31 Advanced technology of Pneumatic valves Inquiry
32 Water Hammer: Effects on pipes & pumps Inquiry
33 Vibration Monitoring, Analysis, Alignment & Balancing Inquiry
34 Comprehensive Vacuum Pump Program Inquiry
35 Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine Inquiry
36 Bearings for Rotating Axial Types and Lubrication Inquiry
37 Fundamentals of Asset Management Inquiry
38 Construction Quality Control and Site Inspection Inquiry
39 Tank Farm Operations and Performance Inquiry
40 Study and Design of sewage plants Inquiry
41 Design operation and maintenance for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps Inquiry
42 Gas Turbine Operation and maintenance Inquiry
43 Ballast Operation and Stability Inquiry
44 Offshore Crane Operator Inquiry
45 Advance Scaffolding Inquiry
46 Intermediate Scaffolding Inquiry
47 Basic Scaffolding Inquiry
48 Rigging/slinging and banks man Inquiry
49 Overhead Gantry Crane Inquiry
50 Petroleum Refining, Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Inquiry
51 Modern methods of paint and paint Inquiry
52 Operation and Maintenance contracts Management and Supervision Inquiry
53 Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices Inquiry
54 Machinery Failure, Vibration & Predictive Maintenance Inquiry
55 Implementing Effective Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Inquiry
56 Heat Exchanger: Types, Application, Design, Operation & Maintenance Inquiry
57 Advanced HVAC Design, Maintenance & Operation Techniques Inquiry
58 Ac & Dc Motors: Troubleshooting & Maintenance Inquiry
59 Advanced techniques for the mechanical installations in buildings: air conditioning, elevator, pumps, insulation materials…etc. Inquiry
60 Pumps, Compressor and Turbine: Selection, Operation & Maintenance Inquiry
61 Pumps & Valves – Selection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting Inquiry
62 Managing Efficient Shutdown & Turnarounds Inquiry
63 Grounding systems and lighting protection for buildings Inquiry
64 Relay Protection SIPROTEC 7UM62 SIEMENS Inquiry
65 Electrical Distribution Network, operation and control Inquiry
66 UPS System & Battery Chargers: Maintenance and Troubleshooting Inquiry
67 Transformer Operational Principle, Selection & Troubleshooting Inquiry
68 The Complete Electrical Program in EEE Standard, Power system Stability and Interpersonal skills Inquiry
69 Switchgears Selection, Maintenance & control Inquiry
70 Skills to write Technical Specification for electrical Inquiry
71 MV Circuit Breaker Technology: Operation and Maintenance Inquiry
72 Modern Electrical Power System Inquiry
73 Fault Finding Techniques on an Electrical Power System Inquiry
74 Electrical Transformers: Design, Selection, Testing, Operation and Maintenance Inquiry
75 Electrical Networks operation and maintenance Inquiry
76 Electrical Equipment & Control System Inquiry
77 Electrical Safety Inquiry
78 Electrical Isolation Techniques for Non Electrical Personnel Inquiry
79 Protection Relay Systems Inquiry
80 High Voltage/ Low Voltage Switching & System Control Inquiry
81 Safety selection, installation and maintenance of Electrical apparatus for us hazardous location Inquiry
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